We communicate you!

4 Units of ComSat Media

ComSat Media is a PR-Agency for audiovisual and Social Media communications with the following key areas:
Relations • Publishing • Emotion • Academy

We communicate you – strategically!

• TV-, online- & social media video PR
• International videodistribution of live-events & topics
• Interview acquisition & coordination for CEO / CFO (TV & online)
• World wide videodistribution to various media platforms (TV, online, blogs, etc.)
• Planning and orchestration of communication measures (TV, online, social)
• (Editorial) Consulting & development of social media & video strategies as well as their implementation
• Topic-specific online and social media analyzes in advance
• Quantitative & qualitative evaluation
GOMEX Newsroom

We communicate you – integrated!

• Targeted online communication for website & social media
• Live social media broadcasting for Facebook, Twitter/Periscope and YouTube
• Creation and implementation of innovative ideas for live streams, both on your own website, and on third party websites
• Livestream promotion and sharing of transmissions through social networks
• Content Marketing for video & events, f.e. with the Livestream-Magazine what`s live?
• Quantitative & qualitative evaluation
• Own streaming infrastructure and equipment
GOMEX live

We communicate you – individually!

• Conception for social media videos
• Production (camera, editing) of social media videos, such as Daimler AG „60 Seconds“
• Production of company footage & event documentation
• Planning and realization of AV and live productions (internal / external)
• Production & live transmission (internet / satellite / Skype) of events (worldwide) or internal events
• Production coordination and technical handling in advance, as well as direct and coordinated coordination on site
• Documentation

We communicate you – competent!

• In-house seminars for audiovisual company communications
• Camera training for managers (live and recording)
• Video training for media videos, image videos and social media
• Lessons in video basic knowledge: Application, image rhetoric, image adjustments, image perspectives, cinematic narration
• Lessons in editorial basic knowledge: scripters for footage & short posts, behavior before the camera, camera management
• Lessons in technical basic knowledge: application, implementation, lighting & sound or video formats as well as knowledge transfer for livestream productions and live transmissions (TV)

Our Brands and Products

Kunde Kunde Kunde

Our Team

Hochgeladenes Bild

Vera Heck

Communications MSc

Executive Director und Head of Production
Phone: +49 6106 2857 200
Mail: vheck@comsat-media.com

– Piano player
– Soccer player
– Boss
Hochgeladenes Bild

Nina Cen

M.A. German Studies

Media Relations & Social Media
Phone: +49 6106 2857 203
Mail: ncen@comsat-media.com

– Evaluation specialist
– New driver
– Drummer
Hochgeladenes Bild

Sarah Di Mauro

Graduate Sociologist

Media Relations & Social Media
Phone: +49 6106 2857 200
Mail: sdimauro@comsat-media.com

– Fan of Eintracht Frankfurt
– (Cat-) Mummy
– Rumpelstiltskin
Hochgeladenes Bild


Audiovisual Media Designer

Digital Media
Phone: +49 6106 2857 118
Mail: aduarte@comsat-media.com
– Livestream-Specialist
– Musician
– Apple-Fan
Hochgeladenes Bild

Sergej Kiessling

Dipl.-Inf. (FH)

Development & Technology
Phone: +49 6106 2857 205
Mail: skiessling@comsat-media.com

– „Mister IT“
– Knight in shining armor
– *grmpf*
Hochgeladenes Bild

Felix Lösch

Bachelor of Arts

Business Development
Phone: +49 6106 2857 215
Mail: floesch@comsat-media.com

– Soccer King
– Rembrücken – Local
– Modern art enthusiasts
Hochgeladenes Bild

Marcel Raab

Businessman Marketing Communication
Project Coordination
Phone: +49 6106 2857 206
Mail: mraab@comsat-media.com

– Baseball-Star
– Cologne Boy
– „what`s live“-specialist
Hochgeladenes Bild

Julien Kreis

Trainee for Audiovisual Communications

Phone: +49 6016 2857 301
Mail: jkreis@comsat-media.com

– „Justin“
– Hobby Racer
– King of Speed (camera)
Hochgeladenes Bild


Agency Dog
– crazy for Denta Sticks
– Trainee
– responsible for the good mood of the team