We communicate you!

4 Units of ComSat Media

ComSat Media is a PR-Agency for audiovisual communications with the following key areas:
Relations • Publishing • Emotion • Academy

We communicate you – strategically!

• Content Marketing
• International distribution of video material to the media (visual, internet and audio)
• Consultation and development of Social Media strategies & Editorial Consultation for Social Media channels, such as Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Youtube etc.
• Consultation and the planning of the video production of live-streams, footage, podcasts, corporate films
• Coordination in production and technical support
•Arranging of interviews and their coordination for CEOs/CFOs worldwide
• Quantitative & qualitative evaluation of content published in the media
GOMEX Newsroom

We communicate you – integrated!

• Live streaming at the highest TV-standards for Desktop, Tablet and Smartphone
• Conception, development and creation of seperate microsite for live streaming
• “Expert Talks”
• Specifically tailored marketing to the target audience through social media channels, Newsletters etc.
• Detailed evaluation of individually desired parameters of the live event
• Full individual support: Content marketing, coordination, live streaming, distribution to editorial TV-offices and online media via GOMEX and evaluation
• Livestream magazine whats live?

We communicate you – individually!

• Think tank for small to medium-sized events
• Dramaturgical composition
• Conception and planning of all actions and approvals
• Purchase and control of further trades
• Implementation and coordination on site
• Realization of events, event management
• Evaluation and reporting

We communicate you – competent!

• Professional training for audio-visual corporate communications
• Basic knowledge on “Video”, application, pictorial rhetoric, focusing, perspectives of the image, cinematic narration
• Editorial basic knowledge, scripting for footage and short contributions
• Behavior before the camera / camera training
• Technical basic knowledge on appliance, implementation, light and sound as well as video-formats, brief outline of satellite communication

Our Team

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Vera Heck

Communications MSc

Executive Director und Head of Production
Phone: +49 6106 2857 200
Mail: vheck@comsat-media.com

– Piano player
– Soccer player
– Boss
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Nina Cen

M.A. German Studies

Assistent Media Relations
Phone: +49 6106 2857 203
Mail: ncen@comsat-media.com

– Evaluation specialist
– New driver
– Drummer
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Sarah Di Mauro

Graduate Sociologist

Media Relations & Social Media
Phone: +49 6106 2857 200
Mail: sdimauro@comsat-media.com

– Fan of Eintracht Frankfurt
– (Cat-) Mummy
– Rumpelstiltskin
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Sergej Kiessling

Bachelor of Computer Science

Development & Technology
Phone: +49 6106 2857 205
Mail: skiessling@comsat-media.com

– “Mister IT”
– Knight in shining armor
– *grmpf*
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Felix Lösch

Bachelor of Arts

Business Development
Phone: +49 6106 2857 215
Mail: floesch@comsat-media.com

– Soccer King
– Rembrücken – Local
– Modern art enthusiasts
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Marcel Raab

Management Assistent for
Marketing Communication
Assistent Editor
Phone: +49 6106 2857 206
Mail: mraab@comsat-media.com

– Baseball-Star
– Cologne Boy
– “what`s liver”
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Cono Savasta

Management Assistent for
Marketing Communication
Assistent Producer
Phone: +49 6106 2857 204
Mail: csavasta@comsat-media.com

– “Man with 1000 names”
– Typical Italian
– Jester
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David Schaub

M.A. Sports and Media

Online & Social Media Editor
Phone: +49 6106 2857 208
Mail: dschaub@comsat-media.com

– Fan of Werder Bremen
– Always ready
– Mr. 100 Percent
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Julien Kreis

Trainee for Audiovisual Communications

Phone: +49 6016 2857 301
Mail: jkreis@comsat-media.com

– “Justin”
– Hobby Racer
– King of Speed (camera)
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Agency Dog
– crazy for Denta Sticks
– Trainee
– responsible for the good mood of the team