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ComSat Media - We Communicate you!

We live ‘Public Relations’

We create ‘Pioneering Rough-Drafts’

We are ‘Production Routiniers’

And we achieve ‘Phenomenal Reach’


Digitalization and Connectivity are more present than ever before and make every project a new exciting challenge that we master with our own DNA.

Where others capitulate, we start. What is innovative for most is standard for us – communication evolves inexorably and we shape it for businesses, brands and people. With our special approach and understanding of a modern PR agency, we have developed our offer beyond borders and represent a unique symbiosis of creative, marketing and production agency/ leader.

Public Relations

Through targeted video & social media communication we reach your target groups efficiently and sustainably.


With individual measures, your messages, your products & your company will have the greatest possible reach.


Together we will tell exciting stories. Creativity knows no boundaries with us.


With professional equipment and a large wealth of experience we put your company and its history in the limelight.

Our products

24652Registered journalist
184732Downloaded videos
1432successful projects
1157Live communication
GOMEX Newsroom

With our GOMEX Newsroom we ensure that your company your brand and your message receive the maximum attention and reach in the media.

GOMEX live

Livestreaming as a communication tool –
GOMEX live does not only offer a high-quality livestream – the way of working is more profound.

GOMEX podcast

GOMEX podcast is the professional solution to not only produce your content for exactly the right target groups, but at the same time to place it in public with a high reach.

whats live?

On whats live? you can present your livestreams for free to a huge community! Post your event on our platform and share all important information about social media.

Our references
What our customers think about us

“Authentic PR agency in moving image & social media communications.”

“Uncomplicated, always responsive and always usable – great job!”

“Exactly the professional partner we’ve been looking a long time for.”

Where others surrender, we just begin.

And what is innovative for most people, it is standard for us.

Check our Skills

Worldwide marketing expertise- over 20 years of experiencee
Successful years in the industry- since 21 years
PR champion- 20 years of know-how
Working for listed customers- over 30 international companies p.A.

Our team

As a leading specialist for video content marketing we know exactly what is important for your corporate communications.

These tasks are successfully implemented by our well-rehearsed, reliable team for all our customers – quickly, efficiently and with a wide reach.

3Locations IN EUROPE
15Specialists & Jobs
Executive Director und Head of Production
Vera HeckCommunications MSc
Digital Media
Antonio DuarteAudiovisual Media Designer
Development & Technology
Sergej KießlingDipl.-Inf. (FH)
Business Development
Felix LöschBachelor of Arts
Project Coordination
Marcel RaabBusinessman Marketing Communication
Junior Referent
Jannik ErlatBachelor of Arts
Media Relations & Social Media
Naomi NuzzoBachelor of Arts
Web & Streaming Operator
Alexander SchererMedia Designer Digital & Print

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