Cross Media Marketing

[ˈwœːɐ̯ld ˈwaɪ̯d ˌdɪstrɪˈbjuːʃ(ə)n]

In a world of networking and total digitalization cross-media marketing is one of the cornerstones of our success in all online media. The linking of several communication channels is part of our daily work which gives us the double and triple reach of a publication.

Where are my target groups and who exactly are they? It’s probably the crucial question that every communicator deals with and tries to circle it as good as possible. But does it really have to?

Our many years of expertise have shown that thanks to our perfectly orchestrated cross media marketing a unique balance is achieved and in this way maximum attention in all media is achieved. In order to be successful together with you, we offer the following:

Creation of an integrated editorial plan (weekly & monthly plan)

Active embed code and livestream marketing of our editorial team via all social media and online media

Constant research in social media and online for company-relevant topics/messages and reference to additional press material

Programming of an online structure for the common exchange of information

Update zu neuen Inhalten auf unserem GOMEX Newsroom

Active contact with multipliers (journalists, influencers, bloggers) via our social media channels

Detailed documentation of the marketing measures (weekly, monthly or project-related)

Support and maintenance of your social media channels (postings, graphic design, etc.)