Production & Think Tank

[prəˈdakʃn̩ ənd ˈθɪŋktæŋk]

We are not only creative think-tanks & marketing experts – we also implement the ideas at the same time, thanks to the latest technology, equipment and decades of experience, in the best quality. With state-of-the-art equipment and up-to-date technology we not only produce numerous live broadcasts of events but are also responsible for corporate, product or image videos.

In an age of visualization and digitalization it is imperative to master the production processes more than perfectly – this is where we get involved:

Sometimes it is necessary to create a new perspective in order to present the messages and goals of companies from their best side and at the same time place them in the media in a targeted manner. Who doesn’t know it? We’ve sat too long on a project or an idea and the creative think tank is closing down.

We give new impulses refresh the basic idea and give free rein to creativity. Together with the client we create projects that are unforgettable. With a view to the overall situation we develop ideas with ingenuity and enthusiasm that stick in people’s minds. A true breeding ground for unique concepts.

Once the idea and the concept are in the box it’s all about production – everything from a single source, everything from us!

High-quality production equipment at the latest technological level

Coordination, planning and coordination with the involved trades/service providers

Workshops to increase communication success in our agency or on site

Creation of detailed animations, which can be supplemented and attached to the appropriate content videos

Worldwide satellite & online transmission of various corporate events

Creation of unique moving image content for Social Media & Online

Creation of a storyboard and editorial elaboration of already existing basic ideas

Targeted test phases of implementation possibilities with professional support and weekly report

Production of live broadcasts from almost anywhere in the world

Conception of new campaigns and online formats (online & social media

Production of animated mini-movies in 2D and 3D