Public Relations & worldwide Distribution

[ˈpʌblɪk rɪˈlɛɪ̯ʃ(ə)nz əndˈwœːɐ̯ld ˈwaɪ̯d ˌdɪstrɪˈbjuːʃ(ə)n]

The idea became a concept and the concept ultimately became passion, which we have been living for over 20 years now.

We work day after day with all our passion, creativity and our individual strengths and talents to ensure that corporate communication gets its message across and that moving and emotionally moving statements are placed exactly where they are heard or seen.

Good PR work is one of the most important elements for any company. Achieving great impact with a small budget and always focusing on our clients’ messages and goals is our fundamental principle and the success of our clients over the past decades confirms our actions.

We wouldn’t be a successful PR and social media agency if we didn’t give the highest priority to playing and distributing all media. We make sure that our clients’ companies, messages and goals have the widest possible reach.

With our individual and tailor-made approach, we pursue only one goal – to implement each project even more successfully than the previous one.

Implementation, contact persons, channels, the right time – with the perfect interplay of all these factors, your corporate message will be received profitably. We are an experienced service provider with a large network of contacts in TV and online media, experienced PR experts and technically experienced specialists. In this way we create targeted communication strategies that are tailored to the customer and cover the following core areas:

Topic-specific online and social media analyses in advance

Worldwide provision of up-to-date information and video material to intermediaries & multipliers (TV, editorial offices, online, blogs etc.)

Detailed and specific targeting in advance for a target-oriented online campaign

PR in TV-, online- & social media video

International marketing of moving images / videos by our team (live events & themes)

Planning and orchestration of your corporate communications strategies (Television, Internet, social media)

Proactive distribution & marketing of content or messages across all our social media channels

Quantitative & qualitative evaluation

Organization and coordination of interviews with CEO / CFO (for TV & Internet)

(Editorial) consulting & development of social media and moving image strategies as well as their implementation

Our editorial team is in personal contact with editors and bloggers on a daily basis.

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