Let's be digital! Online Townhalls

[ˈlɛts biː dɪdʒətl]

The Covid-19 virus has completely changed the way we all work and ensured that standardised processes and autisms have been fundamentally revised.

Even if the current situation is difficult and the longed-for normality still seems to be a long way off it is important, especially now, to keep in touch with all employees through transparent internal communication – worldwide.

Together with us you can continue to organize all your planned town halls employee events or team meetings without exposing your entire staff/colleagues to the risk of infection during a face-to-face session. How? With our professional and specialized webcast tools that allow you to hold your presentations from almost anywhere without restrictions.

You have the possibility to show and talk about presentations and/or get an additional discussion partner without having to be in the same room.

In this way we can create digital discussion groups for you in which four to six people can discuss a topic together.  This can be followed by all your employees on a password-protected microsite. In addition, all registered viewers/users have the option of asking questions via chat video or voice message to the speakers which are answered live in a webcast.

If you want to regain a piece of your everyday work and are interested in all the possibilities of a digital town hall or staff event, we look forward to hearing from you!

Live interactions with your employees

// Interaction with the audience via video directly in the livestream
// All employees can ask questions via our Q&A tool live
// Via voice message questions can be asked
// Creation of a live video conference with several participants

Further advantages

// Chart presentation in webcast
// Password protected microsite for registered employees
// High Definition Webcast for Windows, Mac, iOS & Android
// Professional camera production with up to 5 cameras on site