Let's be digital! Digital Press Conference

[ˈlɛts biː dɪdʒətl] [ˈdɪdʒətl̩ ˈpres ˌkɑn·fər·əns-frəns

Digital press conferences are more popular than ever. You are forced to cancel numerous events but still want to publish your messages? No problem!

We digitalize all your events and at the same time open up the possibility to answer questions from journalists and spectators – a Live Digital Press Conference.

Independent, innovative and always individually usable – Digital Press Conferences (short DPC) are the Communication tool: They offer a wide range of possibilities to communicate company-relevant topics in an uncomplicated, fast and directly address the right target groups worldwide. You have an ad hoc announcement, would like to present it live in a digital press conference and at the same time conduct interviews with TV stations – then we are exactly the right partner! We take care of the entire planning, marketing, production and distribution of your digital press conference and make sure that your messages reach the right target groups – and all within a few days!


// Live camera productions up to 5 cameras
// Small, manageable team on site
// Fast & professional implementation
// Integration of charts & moving image content


// Social media channels
Letters from journalists
GOMEX Newsroom
Live interviews with TV stations


// All social media channels relevant to the company
// Embed codes for multipliers
// Possible distribution of satellite data to TV and agencies
// Livestream integration in other media


// Livestream possibility in China (Web & Social Media)
// Direct communication with the important target group
// Short lead time
// Ask live questions via chat, video chat & phone