Live Communication

[laɪ̯f kəˌmjuːnɪˈkeɪʃ(ə)n]

Communication means speed – and we are currently moving with the speed of light!

Messages that were just up to date have been forgotten after a few hours. The reporting has found its new climax. With our Live Communication we support our customers in doing justice to this trend and ensure that the attention of the target groups to be reached is maintained.

Nowadays, information is no longer published one-dimensionally. Ideally, many possibilities interlock and successfully convey your message. Timing, production and high-quality material, which can be used optimally by the editorial offices, play an important role here. Whether directly live or at least very closely – our work is to integrate all parts into an atmospheric whole. It is precisely this challenge that we meet every day with the following services:

Targeted online communication for website & social media

Livestream promotion and sharing of transmissions via social networks

Own streaming infrastructure and equipment

Social Media Live for Facebook, Twitter / Periscope, Instagram and YouTube

GOMEX live (production, marketing, evaluation, support)

Quantitative & qualitative evaluation

Content marketing for videos & events, including our livestream magazine whats live?

Creation and implementation of innovative live broadcasts and streaming on websites inclusive multiplication via third-party media (online, on blogs etc.)