Sensory impressions help us to obtain information, but they also arouse personal emotions.

Storytelling tailors audiovisual productions from the idea to the implementation to your specific communication goal. Once aroused and positively filled, emotions go one step further: they create a real feeling for the brand, the company, a message – and our service is even more profound!

We ensure that all generated emotions are transported into the right media and that people identify with them.

Production & live transmission (Internet, satellite, Skype) of events worldwide or of internal events

Preparatory production coordination & technical processing

Conception & editing for social media videos

Production of company footage & event documentaries (4K, Full HD)

Planning and realisation of audiovisual and live productions (internal and external)


Production (camera, editing) of social media videos, such as the highlight videos “60 seconds” of Daimler AG

Direction and process coordination on site